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Assessment of Particulate Matter Concentrations and Noise Levels Along Dong – Tay Avenue, Ho Chi Minh City

Particulate pollution and traffic noise from the Dong – Tay Avenue created problems in the surrounding areas, especially when traffic volume was very high and vehicles ran at high speeds. Vehicular, dust and noise problems were generated by various kinds of vehicles like trucks, buses, automobiles, and motorcycles. This study aimed to determine the influence of dust and noise generated from traffic activities the Dong – Tay Avenue. Particulate matter concentrations (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM5.0, PM10) and noise levels were measured at 7 sites along the avenue in March and October from 2021 to 2022. The research results showed that the noise levels (73.1 ÷ 84.4 dBA) exceeded the allowable threshold of the National Technical Regulation on noise (QCVN26:2010/BTNMT; noise level < 70 dBA). Additionally, the dust concentrations (PM1.0: 6.6 ÷ 18.8 μg/m3; PM2.5: 9.2 ÷ 35.7 μg/m3; PM5.0: 11.2 ÷ 47.0 μg/m3; PM10: 13.0 ÷ 49.7 μg/m3) were lowered the permissible thresholds of the National Technical Regulation on ambient air quality (QCVN05:2013/BTNMT). However, solutions needed to be suggested to improve the air quality for human health and the environment as reducing roadside dust pollution and traffic noise in Ho Chi Minh City. The first priority was the solution of planting trees, which were found along a lane and got different functions. Tree species were suitable for ecological conditions along the roadsides these were applied for green solutions to be planted, including Hopea odorata, Mimusops elengi, Khaya senegalensis and Bougainvillea spectabilis.

Particulate Matter Concentrations, Noise Levels, Vehicles, Air Quality, Roadside

Pham Anh Duc, Dang My Thanh. (2023). Assessment of Particulate Matter Concentrations and Noise Levels Along Dong – Tay Avenue, Ho Chi Minh City. Journal of Health and Environmental Research, 9(2), 51-58.

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